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We have helped more than 4000 children around Brazil! You can see pictures and learn about where we have donated HERE.

Read an article written about us here: http://www.delmartimes.net/news/sd-cm-nc-booksforachange-20170718-htmlstory.html.

We will be starting a series of clubs throughout San Diego high schools that will support literacy and reading throughout the county, further assisting our mission.

Our donation page is now up and running! All donations are tax deductible! You can either donate by credit card or send a check to our current office address. The link to our donation page is bellow!

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Hello, my name is Bea. I am 16 years old and am the creator and founder of Books for a Change. I 
decided to start this project in order to make a positive impact on the world, as well as to assist in correcting a problem that I saw in various underdeveloped countries. This is how it all began.

About 5 years ago, my family and I took a trip to Brazil in order to visit relatives. While there, I visited a local public "daycare" in order to donate various toys and goods that we had collected. For those of you who may not know, in Brazil and other countries the government funds for public daycares to take care of children whose working parents have no means to take care of them during the daytime. When I arrived, I expected to see a simple center, one with small children running around carelessly playing and reading. What I saw was completely different. The kids, varying in age but mostly around 3-5 years old looked very worn out and tired, playing with the limited amount of toys that they had available. And they were missing one key thing... Books. Read More Here!

Books for a change is an organization dedicated to giving young children in Developing Countries a chance to embrace reading, not only for entertainment but to empower them and allow for successful development.

1. We have partnered with the book distributor Educação e Cia, which took more into account the books for the shelves donated to 10 UMEIs in Sertãozinho, SP, Boldrini Children's Hospital and two day-care centers in Brasilia. We appreciate the collaboration and the possibility of working together on this project.

3. Our partnership with the Secretary of Education of Sertãozinho, Brazil is flourishing, with almost 30 bookshelves donated to the city. More information here.

We have donated our first shelf in Mexico! You can see the bookshelf donated, as well as where we donated it to under our Where we Have Donated tab. 
Thank you for everyone who has helped us reach this amazing milestone!

Where We have Donated

Don't know what a shelf does? Want to learn more about our project? Click Here!

Books for a Change's fiscal agent is the Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization


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