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2nd and 3rd Shelf Delivery Pictures and Daycare Contact Info

posted Aug 5, 2016, 10:53 AM by Beatriz de Oliveira   [ updated Aug 29, 2016, 1:03 PM ]
2nd Daycare Information: 
Name- Creche Vovô Nestor
Contact Information:
Director - Cristina Bertuzzi
Email - vovonestor.crianca@gamil.com


Three Workers from the Daycare 
Three of the Workers at the Daycare

The Daycare's Entertainment Corner

The Shelf that we Donated (contained 40 books) 
Our Bookshelf

 The Ceiling at the Daycare

 Our Bookshelf

3rd Daycare Information:
Name- Creche Tia Léa
Contact Information:
Email - tialea2010@gotmail.com


    At the 3rd daycare I donated to, I was given the honor to read various books to different classes and meet the children that attend the daycare! I must say, the children that go to Creche Tia Léa are some of the sweetest kids that I have ever met in my life. As I read the books to them, their eyes lit up, absorbing every piece of information and immersing themselves in the story. The moment that the book was over, they chanted ",one more book! One more book!" I had to oblige, the children loved the books and the beautiful pictures inside of them. This continued for four more classes until the children were sent to snack. At the daycare, they were given three full meals a day and were completely cared for.

    During snack time, a group of three to four year olds pulled me over to their table and invited me to eat with them. They had loved the books and were very intrigued with me - I was the first foreigner that they had ever met. One at a time, they told me various stories about their lives and I even taught them a few words in English. At first glance, it was impossible to tell that the children lived in poverty. Their uniform was clean, hair gelled back, and shoes polished. It was only when you saw where they lived, that you could tell. Even in an area with crime and drugs, these children were as happy as can be - a beacon of life. I believe that with the love of literature stowed within them, they will go far.


The Bookshelf we Donated
Me with the Children
Reading a Book that we Donated
Reading a Book that we Donated
 A Teacher from the Daycare Reading a Book we Donated
The Children Eating Snack
The Children Listening to a Story
Me Eating Snack with the Children