Where we Have Donated

Where We have Donated

Due to a great number of donations, this page has been limited to the first 15 Daycares partnered with, as well as partnerships in the United States and Mexico.
Daycares we Have Donated to, as well as photos: Brazil

1. Creche Tia Léa

Reading a Book to the Children
    The Shelf we Donated

Learn more about Creche Tia Léa: http://www.crechetialea.org/

2. Creche Vovô Nestor

The Shelf we Donated
Workers at the Daycare

Learn more about Creche Vovô Nestor: https://www.facebook.com/vovonestor/

3. UMEI Belo Horizonte

The Thank-You Letter from Them to Us

The Director and I
Learn more about UMEI Belo Horizonte: Email: emmp@pbh.gov.br

                                              Phone Number: 011 - 55 - (31) 3277 -8840

                                              Name: UMEI Belo Horizonte

4. Creche AMIC Campo Belo ~ Donated twice to
The moment that our volunteers arrived to give the bookshelf the children, many who had never read a book before, swarmed the shelf to take a look at the books.
The floors of the daycare were made up of a flimsy construction material and the walls were covered in paper to hide the peeling surface. They had never received a single book before.

Learn more about Creche AMIC Campo Belo: http://www.amic.org.br/educandarios/

5. CEI Haydee Maria Pupo Novaes
The Bookshelf Donated 
Volunteers Helping Set up a Classroom 

Learn more about CEI Haydee Maria Pupo Novaeshttp://haydeenovaes.blogspot.com/

6. Creche AMIC Village

A little boy at the daycare ran and picked up a book, automatically running under a tree to read it. Although he had not had much exposure to literature the teachers said he already loved to read.
Children from the Daycare Holding the Books we Donated

Learn more about Creche AMIC Village: http://baraoemfoco.com.br/barao/barao/amic/amic.htm

7. Grupo Oracão Esperanca

Although this daycare did not allow us to take photos, they gave us a wonderful gift showing their appreciation for our donation.

The Booklet that they gave to us as a token of their appreciation. The Booklet was filled with a heartfelt note and pictures were drawn by children at the daycare
The Director with Two Volunteers (Respectively)

 The note reads "We thank you with all of our heart for your donation. It is a true treasure! 
We present you with this card made with much care made just for you!
Thank you!"

8. A Obra do Berco ~ Rio de Janeiro

A letter that we received from the daycare stating:

"In the name of our children, we thank you for your donation of the beautiful bookshelf with books from Books for a Change. 

The Obra do Berco is an institution of social assistance that does not earn any money from what we do (non-profit) that was funded in 1928. We attend about 120 children from 6 months to 6 years old during a normal day from Monday to Friday. About 20 of these children sleep at our institution during the week.

Our objective is to assist and protect the children who are in poverty that are placed in bad socioeconomic situations or social risks. We provide a good environment for the child to grow an develop, as well as intervene with their family members offering orientations and social help.

Partnerships with companies and volunteers are fundamental for our project to function and because of this our doors are open for anyone who would like to visit our institution from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

You can also learn more about us from our site (linked below) and all of our activities and events.

Learn more about A Obra do Berco at: http://www.aobradobercorj.org.br/

9. Creche Cenáculo ~ Rua Luiz Aristeo Nucci, 9 - Jardim São Marcos 13082-220 - Campinas, SP

Creche Cenáculo
A young boy intrigued while reading one of our donated books 

Learn about Creche Cenáculo at: 

10. Creche Dom Nery ~ We were not able to take pictures at this daycare, but more information can be found on their website below.

Learn more about Creche Dom Nery at: http://www.domnery.org.br/domnery.html

11. Centro Infantil Boldrini, Campinas

Learn more about Boldrini at: www.boldrini.org.br/!


12. Creche São Fransisco, Brasilia


Daycares we Have Donated to, as well as photos: Other Countries


1. Rady Children's Hospital

Books for a Change has partnered with Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego to donate books to the OR. We donated two large bookshelves, filled with a total of 52 books that will be given to children before they have surgery. Every month we will add more books to the shelves so they never run out of books!

2. Secretary of Education Sertãozinho, Brazil

We have recently partnered with the Secretary of Education of Sertãozinho, Brazil and are planning to donate over 30 shelves there, which equates to more than 1,200 books! Four hundred of these books, or 10 bookshelves were donated during a large procession on the 22nd of June, 2017, where reporters and many representatives from the government were present. During August of 2017, we donated another 10 shelves, for a total of 800 books donated!


1. La Esperanza orphanage, Tijuana


ans-serif">Learn more about La Esperanza Orphanage at: http://www.ahouseofhope.com/